How to create a CTA and add it to my link?

Call-to-Action creating

Written by OlaLast update 4 years ago

Call-to-action is a button or link on your website to drive prospective customers to convert to leads through landing page forms. 

If you want to create your own CTA:
1. Log in to your RocketLink dashboard and go to Promotions tab:

2. Click CREATE CTA button:

3. Fill in the form and save:

4. Now go to Links tab and click New Link
5. Fill in the form. Check the Add CTA box, select your previously created CTA
and save:

That's it! From now on you can add a CTA to any link you share!

Important notes:

  • If you are going to add a CTA to the link it is very important to use https:// for websites with SSL certificate
  • Adding a CTA may not be possible for websites that don't allow using iframes. You should check every link yourself before sharing

We're going to develop this feature in stages to make it solid and user-friendly so expect some updates and more customization options soon!

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