What is the difference between using RocketLink and Pixel code on a website?

Advantages of using RocketLink

Written by OlaLast update 4 years ago

If you are using any kind of retargeting Pixel/Code, you can embed it on your own website. All users who open your page can become your custom audience in ad platforms.

But RocketLink lets you go way further!

  • You don't have to insert any code on any website
  • You can add multiple pixels (one of each type) to ANY LINK 
  • It lets you build custom audience sharing not only your own website but any kind of content your audience may like

E.g. You found an amazing blog post or a video on a third-party website. You can shorten a link to this page using
RocketLink and share anywhere you like. Anybody who clicks on the link will be saved in your custom audience connected with the Pixel ID you included! How cool is that?

Then you create an ad targeted at your new custom audience. People who clicked a link are more likely to interact with your ad than any random audience. They are actually interested in some subject. 

That is how RocketLink lets you lower CPC and increase CTR.

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