What does "Links per month" mean?

Monthly links limits

Written by OlaLast update 5 years ago

Let's look at the example of how monthly limits work.
In our Galaxy Plan, you have a limit of 3000 links per month.

  • it means that you can create up to 3000 links in each 30 day period (month)
  • links created in the past will still be active and you will be able to edit them (pixels, target URL, etc.)

Let's say you added 1000 links on May 12th, 1000 links on May 16th and 1000 links on May 20th. On June 12th you will be able to add 1000 links again. Every single link added blocks 1 slot for 30 days.

  • unused links don't get carried over to the next months

Let's say you added only 2000 links in May. It doesn't mean you may create 4000 (1000 left from May + 3000 April limit) links in June. 

If you have reached your limit of links for the month, we recommend upgrading your plan to the higher level. For more information check: "
How to change my RocketLink plan?"

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